Mortgage Calculators


Simple Loan Payment Calculator

Use the loan calculator to determine your monthly payments. 


Simple Loan Payment Calculator - Comparison

Use this calculator to make a net cost, side-by-side comparison of up to 4 different loan options.


Today's Rate or Tomorrow's Price

Is it cheaper to wait for a lower home price tomorrow or to lock in a lower mortgage rate today? Use this calculator to compare a home purchased at the current price to the same home one year from now at a lower price, yet potentially higher rate. 


Refinance Calculator

Calculate your mortgage savings with our simple refinance calculator. 


Refinance Comparison Calculator

A simple refinance comparison calculator with 3 prospective loan options.


3 Option Refinance Comparison

A comprehensive calculator to compare up to 3 new loan options vs. current financing. Qualification calculation included. 


Fixed vs. ARM Loan Analysis

A n insightful comparison of a fixed rate vs. hybrid ARM loan and the savings that can be realized by utilizing an ARM within the initial fixed period. 


Conventional vs. FHA Loan Calculator

Side-by-side comparison: Conventional Loans vs. FHA Loans. 


VA Housing Payment Calculator

Try our simple VA housing payment calculator. 


FHA Housing Payment Calculator

Use this this simple FHA housing payment calculator to determine your monthly payments.


Pre-Qualification Calculator

Use this calculator to determine a home purchase price for which you may qualify.


True Cost of Renting vs. Owning Calculator

An easy comparison calculator that shows not just the payment comparison but the net costs of owning vs. renting. 


15 VS 30 Year Loan Calculator 

15 vs. 30 year loan - which is better? This comprehensive calculator shows that the real cost of a longer loan can be less if the payment differential is invested.


Pre-Payment Analysis and Calculator

How quickly can I pay off my loan if i make EXTRA payments?