Check out some of our Popular Mortgage Calculators

Purchase Pre-Qualification Calculator

Calculate your approximate max loan and purchase price using your income, debts, tax and insurance costs.


Total Payment & Qualification Calculator

Use the loan calculator to determine how much you can afford. This calculator will show you a home's monthly payment, the amount of cash you will need to close, and the income needed to qualify for the mortgage.


House Payment Calculator

Here’s a quick House Payment Calculator to use while you’re shopping. It will help you estimate a monthly payment for the homes you like. You can see which are truly the most affordable for your budget.


How Much Home Is Your Rent Worth?

Your monthly rental payment may have more home purchasing power than you think. Use the calculator to see how much home your rent payment might buy.


Mortgage FREE Calculator

Can you imagine a world without a mortgage payment? Click on the image for an easy calculator that will show you how much extra you would pay each month for an early payoff. Watch the interest savings add up as you shorten your term.

Refinance Calculator

Calculate your mortgage savings with our simple refinance calculator. 


Home Sale Proceeds

If you're planning on selling your home, use this calculator to find out what you could gain.


Your Home's Future Value

How long do you plan to stay in your home? And how might your home’s value change in that time?  There’s no guarantee prices will increase, but even with the market’s ups and downs, values tend to rise over time. 


Price & Payment Today vs. Price & Payment Tomorrow Calculator

Interest rates can be volatile. That can mean either risk or, sometimes, reward. How much? I’m glad you asked. Click here for an easy way to find out.

HELOC vs Cash-Out Refi Calculator

There are two common ways to get cash from your home—a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or a cash-out refinance. Explore your options.


Amortization Calculator

Many clients want to learn how their monthly payments break down and how their loan balance and interest costs will decline over time. Follow the link to an easy tool where you can find the answers. You can even choose to print a schedule so you can track your balance with each monthly payment.


Principal & Interest Calculator

Use this simple Principal & Interest Calculator to play around with different loan amounts, terms, and rates. It’s easy to see how changes to either will affect your monthly cost.