Emerald Home Loans Renovation Loans: 
Everything You Need To Know


Do you want to purchase or refinance a home in need of repairs? EHL’s suite of Renovation Loans may be exactly what you are looking for!

Renovation loans aren’t just for major rehabilitations. They can include anything from a new addition, for your family’s new addition, or making your home more efficient for YOUR needs

 EHL’s Renovation Loans cover not only the cost of the property, but also the cost of home repairs. EHL makes it simple, by bundling these costs into a single fixed payment or by refinancing your existing mortgage and construction costs into a new mortgage. Through renovation loans, you can borrow up to 97% of the post-improvement value. Which means as little as 3% down!

 Are you a first-time home buyer? Do you have less than perfect credit? Don’t let these lock you out.

Most of EHL’s Renovation Loans have no first-time buyer or income earning restrictions… that place with potential can quickly become the home of your dreams!

 Our process is simple!

  •  Login to emeraldhomeloans.com to get pre-qualified and see what financing is available to you!.
  •  Your contractor will work closely with our renovation team to approve your plans, specs and pricing.
  •  Our loan consultant and processing team will guide you through all the necessary documentation.
  •  We will then help appraise your renovation, reach a final agreement, and approve it for closing!
  •  Once the keys are yours, your contractor can get started and coordinate with any subcontractors. (no sweating allowed!).
  •  Once it’s all done and the contractors are paid, kick back and relax in your newly updated pad!

EHL. The one-stop shop for all your renovation needs!

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